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December 2, 2018 Light Decor

Decorative Night Light Ideas

Decorative Night Light Ideas – Night lights are not just for children’s rooms. They can be used to illuminate dark hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas of your home. Place one next to the refrigerator to light the way to a midnight snack, and one in each room and bathroom for friends and family members who are not familiar with your home. Decorative night light can be used to improve a system in place color or decor theme when not in use.


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Decorative night light beach inspired, Decorate a beach or island-themed bedroom, living room or bathroom with handmade nightlight. The light will look decorative whether it is on or not. Prep the vehicle by attaching a mounting bracket to a regular plastic night light base. Look through your seashell collection to find the perfect accessory night light featuring a flat surface. Instance a sand dollar, starfish or big scallop shell. Wash and dry beach treasure as you choose. Apply a few of epoxy or hot glue to the front of the mounting plate and press down on the sand dollars, starfish and shell on it to create a secure grip. You can enhance objects with small sea shells, faux pearls and beads or pieces of live sea glass.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Decorative Night Light Ideas

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Decorative night light Kid-friendly models have children design handmade night lights during birthday parties and sleepovers. Handmade night light also makes thoughtful birthday and holiday gifts for the children’s friends, teachers and family members. Start with a night light featuring a simple white plastic screen. Let the kids create some subjects they wish about the nuances using stencils, colorful acrylic craft paint and pointed brushes. Children can also use sponges and paint to make shapes. Design ideas include frogs, hearts, stars, cats, pets and palm trees. To make a glamorous light, using epoxy or hot glue to attach the flat-backed glass gemstones full shade, the light will shine through the rocks, creating a kaleidoscope of colors.

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